For Green & Fortune, an award winning company specialising across three sectors of the hospitality industry: café, restaurant and events, recruiting local people creates a workforce that is available whatever the weather or state of the Tube network, and which can promote hospitality careers in the community, while a flexible workforce is vital for the needs of their clients, allowing them to host events at all times of day and night.

Why do Green & Fortune need to recruit locally and flexibly?

Karolina Vithen, HR Manager, makes clear that the demands of the hospitality industry require a workforce that can cover days, weekends, evenings and late nights to meet client needs. Local recruitment ensures continuity of business – Green & Fortune clients like Facebook, Google, the BBC or Eurostar, for example, would not react well if a tube strike or heavy snowfall prevented them hosting their events, so Karolina needs staff who walk or take the bus to work as the backbone of her workforce.

What benefits have Green & Fortune found from local and flexible recruitment?

Working with local colleges, recruitment agencies and charities to engage local young people to work for them gives Green and Fortune access to a team of staff that are not only young and energetic, but interested in work that, for example, fits around their studies, and who are able to get to work even in severe weather or during a tube strike. Moreover, for particularly hard to fill roles, such as chefs, a proactive approach helps Karolina convince young people to consider a career as a chef and thus build up a new workforce for the long term.

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‘The ever changing landscape of Kings Cross is creating new employment opportunities not seen in this area for a very long time: prospects for local people have increased dramatically. These initiatives deserve to be supported and will no doubt prove very successful.’

John Nugent
Green & Fortune Chief Executive