Deutsche Bank is a a global universal bank. Their employees in London have been mentoring young people for over 10 years. One of this year’s programmes is in collaboration with ELBA and the BIG Alliance’s school mentoring programme, working with secondary pupils aged 14-18. Deutsche Bank felt that this was a good opportunity to support young people to make the best choices for their future, as part of its global Born to Be youth engagement programme, which helps young people reach their full potential.

Why does Deutsche Bank run this programme?

In the UK Deutsche Bank’s Born to Be programme is focussed on early intervention and targeting 11-18 year olds who are at risk of becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training). Deutsche Bank helps young people reach their full potential by developing employability skills, confidence and aspirations and providing new skills through education-led projects and in many cases mentoring.. As well as being very positive for the mentees, the staff at the firm who act as mentors also get a lot out of it. They enjoy working with young people and feeling that they can make a difference. It also helps them to develop their own skills, including communication, problemzo solving and seeing things from different perspectives. Gael Gunubu, a mentor at Deutsche Bank, comments that he enjoys being in touch with a younger generation, and learning about the issues that young people now face.

What benefits do mentees gain?

Gael’s mentee is 16 and has been preparing for her GCSEs at Islington Academy. Gael advised her on how to best study for exams, how to think about university and work experience, and her career aspirations. Gael also found an affinity with his mentee around issues of cultural identity, as both of their families were from outside of the UK. By hosting their weekly sessions at the Deutsche Bank offices, he was also able to help address some of her concerns about corporate life. ‘We sat down with colleagues and joked around, so that she saw that people in a professional environment are still normal and have their own characters’. Since she is interested in journalism, Gael’s mentee was also able to make useful connections with staff at the firm who had previously worked as journalists.

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