The Living Wage is based on the principle that no-one should do a hard day’s work for less than they can live on. The current rate for London is set £9.75 an hour.

There are 110 employers currently signed up to pay the London Living Wage in Islington. By joining their ranks, you can take advantage of benefits including higher staff morale, improved rates of retention and lower rates of sickness and absence.

As an employer, you can simply make your own commitment to pay your staff the Living Wage. If you want to go a step further you can apply to become formally accredited.

The Living Wage Foundation

The Living Wage Foundation’s accreditation process is simple and they will provide support throughout your licence application. Gaining accreditation means you can use the Living Wage Employer Mark, become part of a strategic network of employers that support and promote the Living Wage and benefit from press and PR opportunities such as National Living Wage Week.

For more information about becoming an accredited London Living Wage Employer, contact The Living Wage Foundation