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Employees are your key asset and protecting their health and wellbeing is a crucial part of any successful business; and it can help you to reduce costs and boost productivity and staff morale.

Retaining and recruiting staff with health conditions or disabilities is good for business too. It can help you gain a competitive advantage, widen the talent pool from which you recruit and enhance your reputation.

Supporting staff with a health condition or disability

83% of people acquire their disability while in work. The benefits of retaining an experienced, skilled employee who has acquired a disability are usually greater than recruiting and training new staff, and the costs of making reasonable adjustments are often low.

There’s lots of advice, practical and financial assistance available to support employers to retain staff with disabilities or health conditions:

  • Access to Work can get help you with the extra costs disabled people face in work, with funding for workplace adjustments
  • The Fit for Work  service offers free, expert and impartial work-related health advice. Employers can refer employees for a free Fit for Work assessment.
  • Jobcentre Plus have Disability Employment Advisers and Work Psychology Services if an employee becomes disabled or has a change in their impairment or health condition that could mean they face barriers to remaining in work.
  • gov.uk for information about your legal obligations and providing reasonable adjustments.

Recruiting people with a disability or health condition

There are currently 1.3 million disabled people in the UK who are available for and want to work. iWork for Business can support you to make just a few changes to the way you advertise and recruit your workforce and open your doors to a wealth of untapped talent.

Encouraging applications from disabled people can help you to:

  • Widen the talent pool of candidates from which to recruit staff
  • Enhance your reputation as an inclusive employer and make your organisation more representative of the community to help attract the best talent
  • Gain a competitive advantage with a diverse workforce which can attract diverse customers – there are over 10 million disabled people in the UK, spending around £80 billion every year
  • Improved customer service and attraction – being disability confident, including how to communicate with customers with disability, enhancing customer service.
  • Improve staff morale and loyalty to a business considered inclusive and representative
  • Help meet your Corporate Social Responsibility aims and objectives
  • Employ staff that studies have shown to be easily as productive as their non-disabled colleagues, and also with, on average, less time off sick, fewer workplace accidents and a much higher retention rate
  • Comply with the Equality Act 2010

Healthy Workplace Charter: improving workplace health and wellbeing

The London Healthy Workplace Charter is a self-assessment framework that recognises and rewards employers for investing in workplace health and wellbeing.

The Charter supports you to get the best out of your workforce, stand out as an exemplary employer, show commitment to your staff, access local support and advice and provides opportunities to learn from others.

To get advice about accessible recruitment, employee retention or enhancing workplace health and wellbeing, contact:

iWork for Business

Healthy Workplace Charter